I am a millennial! I am different!

Trends, language, way of doing things and many other things have changed overtime. Well, we might be going back to where it all started but we have this fact to accept, that very many things have changed overtime. They might have changed to the best or the worst but, things have changed!

I was born in the,

“Mum, what is sex? I heard their teacher talk about it in their class”

“Shut up kid. We don’t talk about such” days.

The days when dressing in tiny skirts or little shorts was close to an “abomination”. Abortion was detestable but far off a solution than setting our eyes on young unmarried pregnant girls.

Gone are the days when respect was actually taught and not learnt voluntarily but was mandatory. When we would be done with every communication we had to make with our parents in the morning since there were no phones to call later in the day. Days when no kid would dare talk back to their parents or anyone older than them. Those days are long gone.

Imposing laws on people no longer happens. You choose what you want, I choose what I want and we all have to be comfortable with what the other person has chosen. Our mode of communication however is determined by the person we are talking to.

Hello Baby Boomers or the Gen-Xers. We deeply appreciate your concern as expressed by some of you in your blogs and others through word of mouth, well, I do. I don’t know so much about how it was during your time as you grew up but I am certain it wasn’t the same as it is right now. I mean, there were no phones, no internet and so many other things and if there were, they were so limited.

I honestly thank God that I have had the privilege to grow in a society with just enough resources to cater for what I need and more. Well, your resources were also just enough for your time and you used them to exhaustion. That is why we are what we are because you worked so hard and utilized the resources you had.

A quick one. Why do most of you have cars right now but didn’t have them in the past? Why do most of us have phones right now? Might be peer pressure maybe? Might be out of necessity? Because they are in market? Whichever is your reason, the bottom line is, you have that car, that phone (if not given to you by someone) because it was being sold. Had the good not been on sale then you would never have known about it and bought it.Well, this is not peer pressure.

I have always admired the kind of faith people had in the past. Go to the airport and hope to find someone you had agreed to meet. It wasn’t rough or anything. It taught you trust, patience and obedience. No wonder you find it hard to understand the present generation. It doesn’t add up why we will get angry after five minutes of waiting for someone. Well, for you.

Well, let’s actually face it. We are living in a whole different era, where almost everyone especially we, the millennials, are technologically savvy. This fact is indisputable. Most parents are actually trying to catch up with their children on this. I’m sorry but most likely, you might not get there.

“Hi, my name is Lisa. I am 18 years old and I love the Lord, I am born again”

*Oh, really?*

*Let’s just wait and see*

*Oh Lord, even the kids know you?*

It is unfortunate that most of you think that the mellennials subscribing to any form of religion or believing in a supreme supernatural being is such a wonder. Your fellow doing it, isn’t in any way a wonder. We have also subscribed to religion and beliefs, stop making it a wonder, this is how people draw away due to uncertainties (which shouldn’t actually be the case).

Imagine this, you come from the same village as your president. He is the guest of honor in an event you are attending, he walks around saying hi to people in your national language. By chance, you introduce yourself to him and from your second name, he can tell you’re from his tribe and he greets you in his (yours too) native language. Isn’t that heart warming? Well, it might not be for you but it should be for most of us.


This is the exact feeling we encounter when we get our parents talking to us about situations correlating them with the current happenings. We did not grow up when you did, your challenges and ours aren’t the same. The environment you grew in is far from the one we have or are growing in. We have this one solution, agreeing and accepting that times have changed and that different generations will handle situations differently, not necessarily your way.

Imposing “our”, “your” laws and beliefs in people will never change the situation. Growth is gradual! You will always be tempted to think that your ways were or are the best and we will also think that our current ways are the best. How do we get to agree on such? Communication is very key during such times. Talk to me, I will listen to you. When I talk, listen to me. Understanding what is being said is only a fraction of the task of communicating. Taking in signals from the entire context is critical.

So, will you stop giving up on us already! We have been a boon to the society and still will be to the world.

My fellow millennials, let us not drown ourselves into self pity or the comfort of what the society or nature has to offer!Let us show remarkable resilience in whatever we engage in, that earns us some more respect. Well, IT ONLY GETS BETTER. Stand for what you believe in and fight for it. Do not be swayed easily; you cannot hide from peer pressure but you can stand up from it.






The Journey Begins

I am a young Kenyan girl based in Nairobi, Kenya (Kenya is in Africa).

Life is beautiful. We are obligated to actually make it beautiful or rather notice its beauty and take advantage of it. I hope to help all of us realize the beauty of life and embrace the kind of life we live. I believe in making the best out of the opportunities I find but I don’t believe in comfort zones.

I hope we will all walk out of our comfort zones and embrace the kind of life we were created to live.

It only gets better!

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton